Web bot project stock market predictions

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The Web Bot Project is a bot that uses the World Wide Web to predict future events. The project was supposedly created in , by Clif High and George Ure, to predict stock market trends.

It uses a technology that they have dubbed "Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis" or ALTA, which searches the Web for certain keywords and, based on their context, quantifies the emotional impact. Somehow, this is meant to tap into the collective unconscious — which, of course, can predict the future.

Among other things, the Web Bot is claimed to have predicted the World Trade Center attack on September 11, It is also associated with the doomsday stuff and was even mentioned during a segment of the thought nausea-provoking History Channel special Decoded.

The actual ALTA reports are interpretations of the data by High. Even with his attempts to organize these "predictions" the report is practically unintelligible:.

Web Bot Stock Market Predictions

The predictions also include myriad references to conspiracy and pseudoscience e. The use of bots to look for trends on the Web is a common practice.

However, even the most advanced ones aren't capable of truly understanding the context and meaning of words; they merely look for patterns that may indicate, for example, an increase in the mention of a certain product.

Web Bot's databases and source code are not publicly available and the "reports" are merely interpretations of the data presented by a human. Most of Web Bot's supposed predictions follow the Nostradamian pattern.

web bot project stock market predictions

A vague prediction is made that could describe many different events. Then, after an event has occurred that seems to fit that description, believers claim that the prophesy has come true, ignoring the lack of specific detail in the original prediction.

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Who Invented The Web Bot Project - The Story Behind

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